“Impegnati nel verde”


The golf course was planned according to the most modern ecological criteria and in collaboration with the provincial environmental agency. In the construction phase, all the planned and proposed environmental compensation measures by the ecological construction supervisor were realised.

In fact, among other things, the biotope “Reipertinger Moos” was clearly enlarged; many of the previously intensively, agriculturally used surfaces are now extensively farmed, and several habitats for animals were created. All this makes the golf course an exceptional example for ecological construction.


The course maintenance, on the other hand, is oriented to – especially since the entry into force of the new national plan of sustainable use of pesticides PAN – the renunciation of fungicides and pesticides. Also, the use of fertilisers of organic origin is preferred. The modern irrigation system enables useful and resource-saving irrigation. By means of two reservoirs, almost 80 % of precipitation falling on the course can be used for irrigation.

In 2016, already, the Golf Club Pustertal has received the environmental certification “Impegnati nel verde” by the Italian Golf Federation FIG in the field of energy. An incentive to continue working on this and to constantly improve the standards.