Club membership for guests


The club hotels of Golf Club Pustertal offer a long-distance membership for all their guests. As a long-distance member, you are entitled to the use of the facilities of Golf Club Pustertal and are at the same time a member of the Italian Golf Federation “Federazione Italiana Golf”. You will get the respective card, for the admission to all the golf courses connected to the national golf associations.

In 2023, the price is 440,00 € + 100,00 € for the FIG membership card. The long-distance membership at Golf Club Pustertal can be applied for directly via the club hotels. The general terms and conditions of the Golf Club Pustertal apply.

Long-distance membership

The distance between the home address to Golf Club Pustertal must be at least 200 km

Confirmed booking of a stay of at least 1 week in one of the club hotels